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Nearly everyone has a love-hate-love relationship with Manila, and that’s not even debatable. It’s a megacity of stark contrast: old charm vs new beauty, poverty vs affluence, chaos vs serenity. As much as we would want to wish it was a perfect city like any other world city, the thing is, it’s easy to find something to hate about it. But while there are ridiculous things (hello, legendary traffic), there are other much more interesting stuff about the Pearl of the Orient that’ll make any newcomer or local fall in love in it in an instant.¬†Manila is so unique of a city that it can offer every experience in one great big city, and aside from its diverse charm and incredible destinations (you know it), we think the greatest asset of Manila and the rest of the Philippines is its people, known all over the world for their hospitality, respect, sense of bayanihan (desire to unite to help others), and of course, no one can ever forget that warm Filipino smile.Manila Skyline

So what the hell is MNLgo? Well, let’s put it this way: Millions of tourists visit the Philippines each year, and a great percentage of that arrive to the country via its capital, the great city of Manila. Some tourists who flock to South East Asia and visit the Philippine islands and its breathtaking beach destinations are wishing to get past the Philippine capital that is Manila right away, on to their connecting flights to the islands. Even some locals are guilty of this. But they’re missing a lot. Manila is not just about huge malls and despicable traffic. Maybe it’s the lack of available information online? We’re not really sure. Not that we’re discouraging you from going to the islands – of course we want you to experience the Philippines as a whole, and that includes a visit to Manila if you really want to understand and experience the country. This is just one of the many reasons for MNLgo, aside from the general wanting to promote Manila and the rest of the Philippines.

This is where MNLgo comes in: since Manila is a city that is often misunderstood (especially by tourists), but really loved by those who take time to discover it, we’re here to crack open Manila’s local scene, destinations, culture, and way of living, and post everything on this website to be made available to those who are curious about Manila, or are planning a visit or even live in Manila but not sure what to expect once in MNL. We are basically filling the gap. We’ll be writing about specific areas and topics related to Manila and our expertise and we’ll be inviting contributors who are experts in their own as well (interested contributors may contact us here).

Manila is becoming greater than it is with each day, and we are so excited to be part of it as an independent website. Looking wide and far, when we’ve grown too much that we’re running out of helpful Manila topics and once readers have had enough, we’ll be venturing out and write about other Philippine destinations and this is the point that we are really excited about. But for now, enjoy, and mabuhay!


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