Laugh All You Can: The Best Comedy Bars in Manila

Laughter is the best medicine – looks like Manila’s comedy bar scene is right! Not to be mistaken for stand-up comedy nights which are a whole new breed of comedy, comedy bars are a great way to laugh to your heart’s content and laugh all your problems out in the process. The scantily clad gay comedians at these Manila comedy bars are hilariously good at what they do and sure know how to make fun out of everything, including you and the rest of the audience. Going to comedy clubs in Manila is like peeking through a small window to the Filipino culture. Comedians naturally bring out topics that are so true and so on point in daily Filipino life (and trending world news too), and even the most embarrassing of it is no escape and will be made fun of in an especially vulgar and crass manner. Performances are mostly in Tagalog, Taglish and some English as well especially if there are foreigners in the audience.

Just be sure you’re prepared though, because these comedians dressed in drag are sure to pick some interesting audience members and call them to the stage to be made fun of. The rule is that if you go to a comedy bar, you should be ready for some tear-inducing, hilarious public shaming and take no offense from any of it. But here’s a tip though: this is no guarantee but if you would like to minimise your chances of getting called out, try not to sit near the stage or else you’re just ‘asking for trouble’.

Vice Ganda Comedy Bar

If you’re lucky to catch special shows, these include all-out production numbers with all the works. | Photo by 001Jrm used under CC

The best comedy bars in Metro Manila.

There are a handful of lesser known comedy bars in many Manila nightlife hotspots, then there are legendary comedy bars that are guaranteed to make you have a hard time not to laugh ’til the next day. You’re also likely to get a chance encounter with local celebrities in these institutions and the comedians are more often than not celebrities themselves who are often seen on local TV shows.

This is why it’s no coincidence that much of the best comedy bars like Zirkoh, Klownz, Punchline, and Laffline’s branches in the South Triangle area (Quezon City) is also where the ABS-CBN and GMA TV network studios are, so if you really want the best comedy bar experience and want to have a variety of options to choose from, then go to QC’s South Triangle area. Here are some of the best comedy bars around Metro Manila.

  • Zirkoh Bar – Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City; Phone: (02) 376 7287, 0918 331 3568 (02) 412 4323
  • Klownz Comedy Bar – 1328 Quezon Ave, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City; Phone: (02) 374 4455
  • Punchline Comedy Bar – 1399 Quezon Ave, Quezon City; Phone: (02) 411 0662, 0907 600 4010
  • Laffline Comedy Bar – Timog Avenue, Quezon City; Phone: (02) 372 2675
  • Pink Manila Comedy Bar – West Point Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City; Phone: 0977 320 1900

See below video for a sneak peak into what can happen at a comedy bar in Manila.

Make the most out of your  Manila comedy bar visit

  • Most comedy bars are open as early as 9PM up to the early mornings, all days of the week, Monday to Sunday. For the best acts though, go on a Friday or Saturday as this is when the best comedians perform. It can get packed though but it only adds to the fun.
  • Entrance fees ranging from around PHP 400-500, but can get higher if there are special acts for the day.
  • The comedians are so good at asking for tips (trust us, even locals have a tough time avoiding these acts). Remember that the audience is not required tips and it’s just up to them if they’ll give in. If you do, you’ll be given a sweet short presentation to show their appreciation.
  • These bars are definitely not suitable to kids due to strong, mature topics that involve cursing and other sexually infused acts.
  • Finally, enjoy the night as this is what going to the comedy club is for.

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