Cubao Farmers Market Guide: Know Before You Go

There are a lot of wet and dry markets all over Metro Manila, then there is Farmers Market in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City (QC) that ups the ante of Manila markets. Although it goes by the name “Farmers Market”, it’s not really that quaint market where farmers go to sell their produce and then go back to farming right after – Farmers Market in QC is a mega-massive market where you can find every kind of item you would expect of a market, plus more items that you wouldn’t find somewhere else.

Farmers Market is basically a bagsakan (major trading port) where produce and specialties from all over the Philippines are delivered to, reason why Manila restaurants, local and international chefs, and also homemakers prefer going straight to Farmers Market in Quezon City as the place literally has everything available at a much cheaper wholesale price.

Been craving for that unusual black chicken for your Chinese medicinal Sibut soup? Check. What about freshly cooked (and still steaming) kakanin (rice cakes) from Laguna or that fresh longganisa sourced straight from the northern Ilocos provinces? Yes, you can find them at Farmers Market, too.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Timbangan ng Bayan

MNLgo tip: In Farmers Market or any other market in the Philippines, you can make sure you are getting the right amount of produce by using the “Timbangan ng Bayan” or public weighing scale. Although prices at Farmers Market are already reasonably priced, you can also try your haggling skills here.

Getting around Farmers Market

Farmers Market has nine major sections including dry goods, rice and corn, meat and poultry, seafood, eggs, local and native delicacies, vegetables, fruits, and a dampa (paluto-cooking service) section, plus spaces dedicated to organic produce, live fish and poultry, kitchen equipment, and even fresh flowers – this shows just how vast the area is and how extensive the product offerings are. With all the looking around and asking about the products, you can easily spend half a day at this place so make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

Cubao Farmers Market Day Tour Map

Market Day Tour Map by Farmers Market.

Must See Sections at Farmers Market

Fruits section- Right at the entrance of the Farmers Market, it’s impossible for you to miss the abundant display of colorful tropical and seasonal fruits on display.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Fruits Section

Vegetables section- Arguably the freshest and the cheapest wholesale price you can find in Metro Manila, vegetables are delivered every early morning from different parts of the Philippines especially from Benguet, a mountainous region north of Manila known for growing quality produce.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Vegetables Section

Meat and poultry section- Aside from different choice cuts of meats, you can also find regional delicacies like the Longganisa which has many different varieties and tastes, each depending from where they were made hence aptly named from the place where each originates. There is also a live poultry section just so you can be sure of freshness, and an extensive eggs section where you can find different kinds (and colors) of eggs you wouldn’t know such exists ’til you see one.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Meat and Poultry Section

Seafood section- Being a country of thousands of different islands threwn across the most diverse body of ocean in the planet, it’s safe to say that Manila and the Philippines is one of the best places to get a taste of seafood in. Seafood here at Farmers Market are delivered daily from Roxas City and General Santos City, two of the country’s seafood capitals as well as specialty seafood sourced from many different provinces and islands.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Cubao Seafood Section

Other sections at Cubao Farmers Market

If all those haggling and looking around made you hungry, (on top of fast food and other nearby restaurants) you can go to the Dampa section where you can have your “just-bought” produce cooked for a fee and have a feast right at Farmers Market. Also for kakanin (native Filipino rice cakes) lovers, Farmers Market has a whole section dedicated to this sticky goodness where they sell it fresh, some even still piping hot at the display.

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Dampa Paluto Section

For those who are looking to get serious about cooking, a whole section dedicated to all kinds of kitchenware and dinnerware, as well as a culinary school (Center for Culinary Arts) are all in the area. And oh, since Farmers Market is an everything-is-here kind of market, you can also get fresh flowers for your date or for your dinner table right near the entrance. 😉

Cubao Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City Flowers Section

Location details

Place/s MentionedFarmers Market
AddressAraneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila
Contact Number(02) 588 4000
Hours3am-9pm (Tuesdays-Saturdays), 4am-9pm (Sundays-Mondays)

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