How to Use the Juan, Konek! Free Public WiFi

The Philippine Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) recently implemented a program called “Juan, Konek!” that gives free wifi in public places all over the Philippines (yey!). This is in line with the government’s goal to give internet access for all, especially in parks, schools, libraries, government and barangay offices, town plazas, health units, and transport terminals including train stations, seaports, and airports.

And yes, this means that all LRT and PNR terminal stations as well as the MRT stations along the entire stretch of EDSA will be Wi-Fi-ready as well, and that motorists and commuters within meters away from these train stations will also enjoy the free internet connection. Although the project has only recently started, they already have made live many major public hotsports in Metro Manila including the MRT stations which is really great news – and there’s more to come as the DICT plans to provide internet access to more than 100,000 public places nationwide by 2026.

When using the free public Wi-Fi, Juan, Konek! users who do not register their emails are currently allowed a maximum instant internet access of 50MB daily, while those who register their details once connected are given a maximum of 100MB per day.

How to connect to Juan, Konek! free public WiFi

1. On the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone, select the Juan, Konek! Free Public Wi-Fi on the available networks. Upon selecting this option, the Juan, Konek! Welcome Page appears – select ENTER.

2. Choose your preferred language and click AGREE to the Terms and Conditions.

3. Select your preferred Type of Access

Instant Access – provides 50 MB daily; this automatically brings you to the Juan, Konek! Homepage, select the GO ONLINE button to start browsing the internet.

Registered Access – provides 100 MB daily; if you’re a new user, fill in the necessary fields including your name and email address to create a new account, then click REGISTER. Once registered, verify your email by clicking the link on the system-generated email sent to you to fully activate your account.

Log in to your account using the email and password you have nominated and select SIGN-IN. You will then be directed to the Juan, Konek! Homepage. Select the GO ONLINE button to start browsing the internet.

To see the free public Wi-Fi hotspots near you, check out below map – GREEN hotspots are active while the ORANGE hotspots are those that are still being completed.

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